Exercise is a term from which every single person is familiar, but majority of them considers, that sweating it really very badly is the real meaning of exercise, while the sweat it up is cardio-exercise, which is totally different, before moving on to the best ones, we should know why to exercise, basically we humans are the most complicated machine consist of many nerves, lymph, vessels and even many micro bodies, they work very actively if we nourish them, and we can only nourish them buy strengthen them, through regulating our blood flow which can be done just by taking some 10-15 minutes from your per day 24 hour time.

Now, the apart thing from exercise is waist trimmers, they are body shapers which make it tighten and don’t let your skin get lose, while on another hand for exercise we should have a clear concept for your back, like we should be aware from the reason of doing exercise, may be it can be your choice for healthy lifestyle, may be your back looks shapeless, may be you have pain at any particular area of back, the very first thing you have to do is make it write, about what the actual reason is, so that you can find the best move for you.

Now, if you are doing exercise for making a routine or for looks, then you feel free to follow these below written moves, but if you are doing it for pain relief then you have to be very conscious, you should look after your calcium level, as well as you have to notice, from when you are facing this, and what can be its reason probably, you also can follow this all, but with being very informed about yourself.

While there is numbers of exercises and their methods available on social sites, but I am here with the best and easiest of them, you may have been tried yoga, stretching and some spotted area exercise, but let me know you about the BACK, which needs attention, that means whatever exercise you are doing for back just do it with concentration, have an eagle eye on when to stretch and when to release. So, coming on list of exercises for which you don’t require any sort of weights nor machines, you just need 10-15 mint from a day and a matt which is very important because you can’t do any sort of back exercise on a marble or tile floor as it will increase your pain, now here we go with the best ten exercises for your back.

  1. Stretching is on top as always, never to forget it, it worth is as a visa without visa you cannot pass through the boundary it is just like that, which is mandatory to follow, you should do a good stretch of overall body so that it can get ready to deal with exercise part. Never to forget, stretching should be done always as before and after exercise, and it is best thing you can do with your body.
  2. Wing squeezes is the most easiest exercise, which you can do by remain on your standing position at anywhere, it targets you muscles and make them super strengthen, as well as it gives your back a great winged back fairy look.
  3. Founder squat is the one which is very good for giving it a tone and a well-defined shape, but any person who is facing back pain, should never do them and a person who are in their menstrual days or facing any issue related to joints. Else of this anyone can do it.
  4. Walnut crushers are near to similar of wing squeezes, but it is a step up, as here the point where to concentrate is the squeezing element.
  5. Forward bend, damn it is the easiest one but it need a full concentrated stretching, this is the one which regulates your blood flow, make your body appear straight and even, and gives you a well-defined look as it targets all over the body.
  6. Side bends are the one which gives your body an amazing cut of sexiness, doing it is a must as it is very helping exercise.
  7. Bow pose is and strengthen exercise which also is very beneficial for others organs like for abdomen flattening and for joints as well as muscles.
  8. Bridge exercise is a difficult one, but it is done by many athletes which are useful.
  9. Yoga is the one which can be done by anyone, yoga offers may of the moves and even every move is for over all body.
  10. Bend sitting rotation is very useful moves which can be give the perfect texture to back, and it can be very useful for back pain relief too.

Make them add in your daily routine by adding 5 or 10 of each, it will start give you a great change but you have to be patient and consistent, take care and love your body, as it’s the one which you owns.