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We at are aware of the importance of the privacy as well as security of each of our website visitor. Therefore, you all are requested to spare some time and go through the privacy statement. This includes the description of online data collection and policies and practices that we use are applied on this website. When you use this website, you in a way consent to all the policies and practices which you will find in the privacy statement. In case you do not get the feeling to continue with the terms, you will have the option to discontinue using the website.

If we happen to change anything in the site, be it about the products or anything, we keep our site updated about it. We reserve the right to keep on the modification of privacy policies in the website, so we suggest you to check every now and then the site, whenever you get time. Along with this, we also reserve rights to keep a track of the visitors who are visiting each of our pages. Therefore, we suggest you to carefully read the privacy policies before you leave the site, as it will help you to protect your credentials, if any.