Getting Fit With a Few of The Best Mobile Apps

Getting Fit With a Few of The Best Mobile Apps

Getting Fit With a Few of The Best Mobile Apps

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. For some, it’ll come like second nature, and the need to get out and hit the gym or go for a run isn’t going to be something that is a chore. On the other hand, there are those who have to be forced through painful regimes and reminders to burn those calories getting their summer body ready.

Whoever you are, mobile apps are a fantastic way to help you to get out and about, hitting the weights or pushing your body to its limits. Most people who have tamed their mobile phones will look at them like their own little personal trainers, ever watching and always judging.

In this article, we wanted to explore a few of the top apps that’ll help to get you fit, from the food tracking apps to the full purpose built apps for tracking your every movement. But first, it is worth discussing some of the fitness tech products that’ll be a great addition, some of which use mobile apps to support their tracking.

Products like the Apple Smartwatch and the incredibly well-known Fitbit are taking the market by storm as they offer users a way to connect their mobile app to the fitness activities undertaken, so bear that in mind before you set your heart on an app.


Okay, not necessarily an app that was built for fitness, but everyone needs music whilst they exercise right? Spotify is possibly the best way to find new music that’ll fit your workout, and it offers offline capability if your gym has terrible mobile signal.

The thing that actually sets Spotify apart from the competitors is the ability to create playlists with a certain BPM. For those low rep gym sessions, you can set it low for something chilled out, and for pushing yourself? Set the BPM higher and really let yourself go.

So, whilst it isn’t a fitness app, they do have something made with the fitness fanatic in mind.


For those who don’t know what a Fitbit is, please go to their website and read about it. Without a doubt, the Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers on the market and it comes as no surprise that the functionality that is offered through their mobile app is built with the tracker in mind.

Most fitness mobile apps focus on allowing the user to input their activities, but the Fitbit can track all of your movements. This means that there is a tremendous amount of data which the mobile app actually takes and forms a rough understanding of your fitness.

The mobile app completes the journey offering calorie counting and advanced input of any extra information that is required. It is perfect for those wanting the complete solution – or those that want to show off to their friends with the leader board situation.


Fitness is something that is hard to get into, but cycling is a fun way to get your body moving without the impact of running. In truth, there is a tonne of running apps out there, but I figured it was worth mentioning something that nearly everyone can do – riding a bike.

The Strava app was built with competitive cycling in mind, but it is a great way to build routes and track your speed alongside calories burnt. There is a tonne of ways to track even more information, but for the sake of hitting the open road with your bicycle, it makes for a complete solution.

I personally think that more people should get their bikes out as a form of exercise due to the lower impact nature of the sport, which will keep those nice knees in shape for years to come.


Last up, the online library for the fitness world. This app was designed with learning in mind and contains one of the largest databases for exercises on the market. The thing that makes it especially awesome, is the ability to filter through different types of workouts finding stuff that works for your training plan.

For those that are just getting into fitness, there are a number of pre-made workout plans that make going to the gym a less mentally intensive task.

So what app should you get?

When writing this article I was thinking to myself what mobile app should you get if you want to get fit. Sadly, there is no best answer as this isn’t a one size fits all industry.

However, I think a the very least if you are tracking your calorie consumption alongside activities undertaken that is better than nothing. When you put all of the data on the board and look at it all, there is so much that you can learn. Which is really what makes the mobile app route such a cool one.

So when it comes down to choosing one? I’d say try a few until you find something that suits your needs, wants, and most all, motivates you to get fit.

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