7 Must Known Guidelines to Follow For Safe Steroid Use

Guidelines to Follow For Safe Steroid Use

7 Must Known Guidelines to Follow For Safe Steroid Use

Anabolic steroids are used rationally, which brings great results in muscle growth. Most of the bodybuilders find it hard to use them within the recommended boundaries and face serious side effects.

Safe steroid use is related to the dose you take and the duration in which they are consummated. With anabolic effect, the steroid can cause a kind of addiction, because the individual wants to look better and bigger.

There are only a few steroid users, who have a strong feeling of control about what they do, and stop the usage when are suspicious about them. There are some limitations, which should be considered for safe use. It includes:

  1. Avoid steroids under the age of 23

Steroids are very famous among young people. Statistics show that 20 in every 1000 college men and 2 in every 1000 college women use steroids in their lifetime. For many of you, this won’t be a big number, but knowing the bad effects it has on the young body, these are disturbing figures.

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If the steroids are used precociously, then there would be a bad influence on the liver, reproductive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and psychological systems. All the systems could be affected permanently till you reach maturity.

If somehow, you don’t succeed in building muscle before this age, then the issue could be with your diet or exercise program. Mostly, young people manage to pack on muscle mass faster and easier than others due to the high level of testosterone and high muscle responsiveness to loads. 

Consider what you eat along with the quantity, and the workout program you follow indicating the purpose of it. Once the problems are addressed, the results will be visible within a short time. 

  1. Take steroids once you reach your natural peak

If you have at least 3 years of experience in the gym and are older than 23 years, then you can resort to the steroids use, if you are not getting results. Always remember that anabolic steroids are a great addition to your diet and workout regimen. Although, you still need proper diet and workout for preserving the muscle mass gains you made.

Push yourself and ponderover the use of steroids for greater gains; by doing this, you will allow your body to work at its highest level and also the effects promoted by steroids will be seen.

  1. Indulge in a proper health checkup including blood test

Most of the time steroids use isn’t responsible for the side effects, but the medical conditions you have. Individuals having issues like liver disease, baldness, hypertension or psychological disorders will suffer more due to these symptoms.

A healthy person will have a fewer chance of developing these kinds of issues, and if by chance they occur, they will disappear once the steroid use is stopped. So, it is mandatory to do a full medical consultation before you get involved in the steroid use.

Find a good physician, and discuss everything in detail about the steroid usage and its safety. Make sure you check your blood level before and after steroid use, as it will give a clear picture of your cholesterol level. Using steroids can lower your good cholesterol and increase the bad one. So, be careful while using it.

  1. Choose quality and not just quantity

Gaining weight while cycling is not hard, but keeping up that weight is a big challenge. This detail is missed by most of the users and concentrates all the efforts on cycling.

Some steroids cause water retention in a higher degree, and the gains made by you will be fat than the muscle tissue. Make sure you choose the one with lower retention feature and follow the diet support and exercise programs properly.

  1. Use short steroid cycle

If you want to gain muscles, then a long steroid cycle would benefit much more than a short one. But according to the safety point of view, you would be running a 3-5, weeks steroid cycle. Steroids are responsible for causing stress on the organs, so the shorter cycle is best for you.

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Moreover, the best gains will come from when receptors are fresh. A short steroid cycle will help you in gaining big amounts of muscle mass, which would be of high quality and not go off if you stopped taking them.

  1. Always follow minimal dosage use

You will experience fewer side effects if the dosage is minimal. There would be no acne or baldness on using a lower dose of steroids. To summarize, it is about more training and great diet with reasonable amounts of steroids that will not cause side effects in your body.

  1. Use high-quality gear

Before buying, differentiate between a fake and genuine product. You should look for high-quality steroids to make a good gain, like – injectable steroid cycle for sale. However, a good product will cost you at good money, but these steroid cycles are available at best price.

If in case, you can’t afford to buy good products, like mentioned above, then delay it for some time, instead of using cheap and dubious quality of steroids. They will only cause health issues, so focus more on training and diet.


Using steroids is not a bad thing. But while using them, make sure you are safe and follow the proper guidelines. If you decide to break the rules, then you are risking your life. Take a slow approach, but steady one according to your body needs.