6 healthy and simple habits that you should adopt in your 20

healthy and simple habits

6 healthy and simple habits that you should adopt in your 20

Whether you are about to reach two decades or suddenly almost at three, it is likely that at some point you have raised the possibility of including an exercise routine in your week.

At this point most of us are studying, working, living alone or in a couple, raising children (or all this together) which implies an agenda less moved.

However, we all know the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy life so today we share with you six beneficial habits for your body and mind that you should adopt in your 20s.

healthy and simple habits

  1. Transform your attitude

If you are one of those who does not like to exercise, the chances are that since childhood you feel this rejection towards any physical activity. It is time to change this attitude.

Today there are countless classes that you can take from practically whatever you can think of: pilates, circus, ballet, Zumba … You will choose your favorite; the important thing is to put the body in motion and enjoy it to the full. You will soon begin to feel the many benefits of exercising.

  1. Include stretching in your routine

We usually forget this fundamental detail for our well-being. In the morning the body somehow “asks” us to stretch our muscles to start a more comfortable day. The ideal is to strive several times a day especially in the moments before and after physical activity.

  1. Whenever possible, walk

Hiking is one of the most complete and simple activities at the same time. Instead of taking a bus to work, try walking. Also to do errands you choose to move your legs instead of getting into the car or motorcycle.

In addition to promoting heart health, improving metabolism and lowering blood cholesterol levels, walking contributes to weight loss. You know, whenever you can walk and enjoy the landscape that surrounds you.

  1. Pay attention to the posture

How can something so simple cost us so much? That the job or sedentary study is not an excuse to lose a good posture. Remember that placing your shoulders low, relaxed and aligned activates the center of our body and arms. It also stretches our body, helps improve abdominal tone and promotes self-confidence.

  1. Drink more water

This advice is not at all novel but regrettably still necessary. The pace of life that we carry most in our twenties is usually so crazy that we even forget an action as basic as drinking water. Remember to drink water several times a day every day and not wait to feel thirsty.

  1. Try to slow down the pace in practice

One of the keys to continuing an exercise routine is to take it easy. This does not mean that you do not print intensity to training from time to time. It is always a matter of reducing the speed every so often and trying to feel what it is like to carry out the activities but slowly. This not only increases your endurance but also helps you stay motivated with the chosen activity.

Let the 20 of us not come (or pass) unnoticed. There are multiple ways to travel in a healthy and harmonious way. We hope you find these tips useful in the very near future.

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