5 Major Exercises You Should Start Doing Regularly

Major Exercises

5 Major Exercises You Should Start Doing Regularly

To maintain the body weight and to lead a healthy life exercise is very important. It is as essential as proper diet. There are certain activities, which should become a part of your daily routine. They minimize the risk of many harmful diseases. They not only help us in staying healthy but also keeps us physically and mentally fit and stable.  For the proper functioning of some parts of our body, precise movements are required. Therefore, there are some exercises, which must be done regularly by everyone:

1- Push-ups


This exercise is performed in a prone position where the lower body parts are raised by using your arms. It is a typical calisthenics exercise. In it, one balances his body on his toes and hands and then try to lift the body upwards. Push-ups help in developing the scapular muscles and rotator cuff muscles if performed the right way which contributes in stabilizing the shoulders. It is performed by both the genders but is more common in males. They do this more often to build their muscles. All the body parts are involved in this exercise. It helps to release stress and needs much energy. Therefore, the doctors mostly do not recommend this to the older adults as consumers more power. However, even the young and energetic people also should not perform it more than the body requirement.

2- Squats


The leg muscles, which include quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, are build up by performing this exercise. It also helps in strengthening the lower body parts as well as the upper parts. It is done by keeping the back straight while chest and shoulders up, and the direction of eyes must be straight. As you squat down the knees must be in line with your feet. This exercise should be performed on a daily basis to keep your body active. It is performed by both males and females but is more common in females. It helps to burn fat and lose weight. Squats help you in digesting your food more efficiently. It should be done regularly to get better results.

3- Wall Sit


Another exercise, which must be done by every individual on a regular basis to stay physically fit, is wall sit. This type of activity helps in strengthening the quadriceps muscles. To perform this exercise, the body forms two angles. One is built at the knees while the other at the hip. The back is placed against the wall while knees and feet a little way out from the wall, and there should be an appropriate distance between them. This type of exercise is also known as static squat. It helps in balancing the body and in strengthening various parts of the body. It is a useful exercise for which, you do not have to go anywhere. It can be performed at home easily. It helps you in strengthening your back and also in eliminating the back pain. It is mostly performed by ladies. By performing this exercise, your muscles get strong therefore help you in doing the daily tasks efficiently. It can be done on a regular basis.

4- Crunch


One of the primary reasons why every individual prefers exercising is to keep their tummy flat. It is the abdominal exercise. In it, the hands are held behind the head and are curled. It is very effective. It may cause injury while pushing the head forward. Therefore one needs to be careful while performing it.  It should be done regularly to keep your weight maintained and tummy flat. It is understood that weight once gained is challenging to lose. Therefore, you should start doing this exercise at an early age. It will help you keep slim and smart. Along with that will also make you look younger than your age.

5- Hanging upside down

Hanging upside down
Alice Smellie undertakes an upside down work out at her home in Somerset. Feature for Femail.
Picture: John Lawrence

One of the most common exercises which must be carried out by everyone on a daily basis is to hang the body upside down for few minutes. The amazing inversion table can be used for this purpose. Along with that, it can help to perform many other exercises too. Hanging upside down contributes to improving the back pain. When you hang upside the down, the blood circulation advances and the blood reaches your brain too and enhances its working. This flow has a significant effect on your skin complexion. It makes your skin look fresh and bright. It also eliminates the back pain and strengthens the arm, leg and back muscles.

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